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Andreas Bartels

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Visual perception and processing

My interests are centred on visual perception and the neural substrates making this possible. In one approach we use well-controlled, artificial stimuli such as random dot kinematograms to study neural circuits involved in visual self- or object-motion, or binocular (dichoptic) stimuli to learn more about neural substrates underlying the spontaneous perceptual changes during binocular rivalry.

Such well-controlled studies provide detailed answers to specific questions, but by definition preclude insight into brain function and especially communication between brain regions during processing of the much more complex and dynamic stimuli for which the brain actually evolved.

We therefore complement above studies using entirely uncontrolled but natural movie stimuli presented during fMRI recording. We use computational vision and various fMRI data analysis techniques to identify functional areas, networks and their connectivity in more natural settings and also to inspire our more detailed controlled studies.

We complement some of the perceptual and fMRI studies with neuronavigated TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to probe the causal influence of brain areas on conscious perception or on other aspects of visual processing.

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