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Juras V, Schreiner M, Laurent D, Zbýň Š, Mlynarik V, Szomolanyi P, Hager B, Scotti C, Goldhahn J, Heule R, Bieri O and Trattnig S (January-2019) The comparison of the performance of 3 T and 7 T T2 mapping for untreated low-grade cartilage lesions Magnetic Resonance Imaging 55 86-92.
de la Rosa S: Wie real sind virtuelle Realitäten? Über Chancen und potenzielle Risiken von virtuellen Realitäten, 99-126. In: Gehirne unter Spannung: Kognition, Emotion und Identität im digitalen Zeitalter, (Ed) C. Gorr, Springer, Berlin, Germany, (2019).
Nassirpour S, Chang P and Henning A (December-2018) MultiNet PyGRAPPA: Multiple neural networks for reconstructing variable density GRAPPA (a 1H FID MRSI study) NeuroImage 183 336-345.

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484. Zouridis I, Koupparis A, Stavrinou M, Kokkinos V, Sakellariou D, Koutras A and Kostopoulos G (December-10-2017): A High Resolution EEG Human Sleep Dataset, 27th Meeting of the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience (HSfN 2017), Athens, Greece.
CiteID: ZouridisKSKSKK2017
483. Evrard H (December-9-2017) Invited Lecture: Mind-Body Interface in the Primate Cortex, 27th Meeting of the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience (HSfN 2017), Athens, Greece.
CiteID: Evrard2017
482. Ramirez-Villegas JF (December-6-2017) Invited Lecture: Deciphering the brainstem, hippocampal and brain-wide dynamics by neuronal-ensemble event, Institute of Science and Technology (IST), Klosterneuburg, Austria.
CiteID: RamirezVillegas2017
481. Schüz A (December-5-2017) Invited Lecture: What the structure of the cortex tells us about its particular function, Universiteit Leiden: Lorentz Center Highlights Lectures, Leiden, The Netherlands.
CiteID: Schuz2017
480. Meilinger T, Garsoffky B and Schwan S (December-2017) A catch-up illusion arising from a distance-dependent perception bias in judging relative movement Scientific Reports 7(17037) 1-9.
CiteID: MeilingerGS2017
479. Fademrecht L, Nieuwenhuis J, Bülthoff I, Barraclough C and de la Rosa S (December-2017) Action Recognition in a Crowded Environment i-Perception 8(6) 1-19.
CiteID: FademrechtNBBd2017
478. Venrooij J, Mulder M, Mulder M, Abbink DA, van Paassen MM, van der Helm FCT and Bülthoff HH (December-2017) Admittance-Adaptive Model-Based Approach to Mitigate Biodynamic Feedthrough IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 47(12) 4169-4181.
pdfCiteID: VenrooijMMAvvB2016
477. Klamer S, Schwarz L, Krüger O, Koch K, Erb M, Scheffler K and Ethofer T (December-2017) Association between Neuroticism and Emotional Face Processing Scientific Reports 7(17669) 1-8.
CiteID: KlamerSKKESE2017
476. Bülthoff I and Newell FN (December-2017) Crossmodal priming of unfamiliar faces supports early interactions between voices and faces in person perception Visual Cognition 25(4-6) 611-628.
CiteID: BulthoffN2017_2
475. Allsop J, Gray R, Bülthoff HH and Chuang L (December-2017) Eye movement planning on Single-Sensor-Single-Indicator displays is vulnerable to user anxiety and cognitive load Journal of Eye Movement Research 10(5:8) 1-15.
CiteID: AllsopGBC2017
474. Li B, Virtanen JP, Oeltermann A, Schwarz C, Giese MA, Ziemann U and Benali A (December-2017) Lifting the veil on the dynamics of neuronal activities evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation eLife 6 1-22.
CiteID: LiVOSGZB2017_2
473. Fillmer A, Hock A, Cameron D and Henning A (December-2017) Non-Water-Suppressed 1H MR Spectroscopy with Orientational Prior Knowledge Shows Potential for Separating Intra- and Extramyocellular Lipid Signals in Human Myocardium Scientific Reports 7(16898) 1-14.
CiteID: FillmerHCH2017
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