Project Leader

Dr. Paolo Pretto 
Phone: +49 7071 601-644 
Fax: +49 7071 601-616 

Five most recent Publications

Lächele J Person, Venrooij J Person, Pretto P Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Mai-2014) Motion Feedback Improves Performance in Teleoperating UAVs 70th American Helicopter Society International Annual Forum (AHS 2014), Curran, Red Hook, NY, USA, 1777-1785.
von Lassberg C , Beykirch KA Person, Mohler BJ Person und Bülthoff HH Person (April-2014) Intersegmental Eye-Head-Body Interactions during Complex Whole Body Movements PLoS ONE 9(4) 1-15.
Nesti A Person, Beykirch KA Person, MacNeilage PR Person, Barnett-Cowan M Person und Bülthoff HH Person (April-2014) The importance of stimulus noise analysis for self-motion studies PLoS ONE 9(4) 1-8.
Nesti A Person, Barnett-Cowan M Person, MacNeilage PR Person und Bülthoff HH Person (Januar-2014) Human sensitivity to vertical self-motion Experimental Brain Research 232(1) 303-314.
Berthoz A , Bles W , Bülthoff HH Person, Correia Gracio BJ , Feenstra P , Filliard N , Huhne R , Kemeny A , Mayrhofer M , Mulder M , Nusseck HG Person, Pretto P Person, Reymond G , Schlüsselberger R , Schwandtner J , Teufel H , Vailleau B , van Paassen MM , Vidal M Person und Wentink M (Mai-2013) Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems 43(3) 265-276.

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