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Writing Research Proposals

Course Content

This course will cover fundamental aspects of writing multidisciplinary research proposals, including thesis, dissertation, and grant proposals. Form, style, substance, and marketing of effective proposals will be considered. Emphasis is placed on developing and presenting clear and compelling ideas. Substantial writing and class presentations is required of all participants.

It teaches more than just the mechanics of proposal writing, this course covers the process of developing an idea all the way from initial, ill-formed concepts, through to a precisely described plan of work.  A heavy emphasis is placed on effectively communicating ideas in both written and oral presentations.

Learning Targets
Gain experience in developing and articulating research ideas. Learn how to create an effective thesis or dissertation proposal. Gain practice with writing and oral presentations.
Type of Course
Student Seminar
Time and Location
Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00pm, Spemannstrasse 41, MRZ Seminar Room Ground Floor
April 18, 2012
Further Information
Lecture Notes
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