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Isabelle Bülthoff
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Master theses, lab rotations and short projects (internships) positions in the field of human facial recognition

Master theses, lab rotations or short projects (internship) are possible in the field of human face recognition in the department of “Perception, Cognition and Action” of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany. We are looking for suitable candidates with interest and knowledge in psychophysical methods, so as in fMRI, eye tracking or EEG. Good programming skills (Matlab) are of advantage. Applicants for this position should have ideally a background in psychology, cognitive sciences or a related field.  

Our institute is located in the Max Planck campus in Tübingen and provides an excellent multidisciplinary, interactive and collaborative research environment combining expertise in neurophysiology (Prof. Nikos Logothetis), psychophysics, virtual reality and robotics (Prof. Heinrich Bülthoff), and MRI methodology (Prof. Klaus Scheffler).  

Applications should include a letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae, a copy of classes taken during their studies and a short summary of past research experience.  All information or questions regarding the position should be submitted electronically to both addresses below:
Mintao.Zhao[at]; Isabelle.Buelthoff[at]

Last updated: Friday, 14.10.2016