Tobias Meilinger
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Bachelor/Master thesis: View integration

In daily life one never sees all walls of a room within one view, but still can develop a grasp of the overall room. Surprisingly, very little is known about this everyday task. The project’s goal is to examine within which reference frames multiple room views are integrated. For example, do observers use the first view or the main orientation of a room and relate views experienced latter to it? Or do they update prior room views to their current orientation when moving around? Results will tell how humans form an image of their everyday environments.
Experimentation will be conducted in a virtual reality experienced through a head mounted display so participants can freely move through their virtual environment. The master thesis will involve preparing, conducting and analyzing an experiment within this setup. Candidates should be self-motivated and interested in cognitive science questions. Experience in programming and good English skills are welcome, but not required. Thesis (and working) language can be English or German.
This work is conducted in collaboration with The University of Tokyo.
If interested please contact tobias.meilinger[at]
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