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More information about career opportunities for young scientists can be found here: Max Planck Research Groups

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Information for Postdocs

After their PhD exam junior research scientists can apply for a postdoctoral stipend or a temporary position at the institute directly to perform a research project. On this website you can find our open positions. Note that even if at a given point in time, we might not have advertised scientific openings, we still may accept speculative applications, provided they are outstanding. Applicants for a special research area (which shall be third party funded, e.g. by Marie-Curie or ERC program) can contact the departments directly. A short stay as guest researcher is also possible. Information about third-party funding and career planing can be found on the website of the EU office:

Max Planck Research Groups

Since 1969 the Max Planck Society supports particularly talented young scientists by means of fixed-term Max Planck Research Groups. There is a great deal of competition for the position of head of these groups, as they allow the young researchers selected from the international competition to lay the foundations for a successful scientific career on the basis of a limited, but secure budget in the first phase of their independent research activities.

With the goal of recruiting innovative minds, independent of already established research fields and existing Institutes, calls for applications for Max Planck Research Groups have also regularly been initiated on an open-topic basis since 2004. Candidates for these posts can put forward their own individual project proposal and apply to work at Max Planck Institutes of their own choice. These calls for applications meet a strong international response. They cover all sections and generally take place in the autumn of each year.

Minerva Program

The W2 Minerva program is a special program for the Advancement of Outstanding Female Scientists at the Max Planck Society. W2 posts are a springboard to senior scientific positions at universities and non-university research institutions. Appointments to the posts provided within the scope of this Minerva program will be made by a nomination process emanating from the institutes. More information about special advancement and mentoring programs for female scientists can be found here:

Research Group Leader Network: LeadNet

LeadNet provides a forum for common scientific and organizational issues and promotes collaborations and synergies among research groups within Max Planck Society.
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