Looking for Participants

The MPI for Biological Cybernetics is looking for participants for some of their research experiments [more].

Career at the Max Planck Society

General information for coworkers about career opportunities, equal opportunities, junior scientists... Career Opportunities at the Max Planck Society

Rules for Good Scientific Practice

Scientific honesty and the observance of the principles of good scientific practice are essential in all scientific work. Rules of Good Scientific Practice of the Max Planck Society (pdf).


Career and Family

Childcare on Campus

"Opens external link in new windowKinderkrippe Planckton" is a day-care center of the Max Planck Institutes. It takes care for twenty children, at ages from 3 to 36 month. Most probably starting in April 2017, 10 more child care places will be available. The day-care center is directly located on Max Planck Campus Tübingen.

Service for Families

Looking for a suitable care solution for children or the elderly takes a lot of time. Often it is hard to find the right contacts, which can provide a reliable and fast solution.

Therefore the Max Planck Society offers all coworkers access to Opens external link in new windowFamily Service 'Besser Betreut'. They help them find childcare solutions and care services for family members. The aim is to make it easier to combine the needs of family and work.

The costs for consultation and placement are covered by the Max Planck Society. The costs for the selected care service must be paid by oneself. 

Performances of the family service are:
  • Childcare
  • Holiday Activities
  • In-house childcare
  • Senior care
  • Pet, house and garden care


Certificate by berufundfamilie gGmbH for family-friendly personnel policy.
Certificate for family-friendly personnel policy.
The nonprofit corporation berufundfamilie is accompanying the committments for work-life balance with a quality audit, and has issued their certificates in 2006 and 2009.
Last updated: Wednesday, 15.03.2017