Betty Mohler
Gender Equality Officer
Phone 07071 601 217
E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailbetty.mohler[at]

Beate Fülle

Deputy Gender Equality Officer
Phone 07071 601 777
E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailpresse-kyb[at]


Equal Opportunity

Within the pact of Research and Innovation, the Max Planck Society has committed to improve the advancement of women in science.

This commitment will be fulfilled consistently. By now one third of the researchers in the Max Planck Society are women, which is above the average compared with other non-university research organizations. The available measures for the advancement of women of the Max Planck Society can be found there. The Max Planck Society will continue to improve the work-life balance especially for their female coworkers by flexible working hours, improved childcare and family service.


Certificate by berufundfamilie gGmbH for family-friendly personnel policy.
Certificate for family-friendly personnel policy.
The nonprofit organization berufundfamilie is accompanying this commitment with a quality audit, and has issued certificates in 2006 and 2009.
Last updated: Wednesday, 17.05.2017